Brad Fallon is an entrepreneur and marketer at heart. After he cracked the code to top Google ranking, he started sharing his secrets with other online marketers through his Stompernet seminar brand. Recently he founded uQast, a media sharing platform for original content which includes a built in propriety search engine and ranking system. He is on the cutting edge enabling original content creators to fund their work with an innovative micropayment tip jar.

Brad Fallon has gained the friendship and trust of the world’s greatest marketers. He believes in associating with those that challenge him. Iron sharpens iron as do the wits of another. 

One will always find that Brad works hard and plays hard. When he commits to a project, you’ll find him relentlessly tweaking it, but he always balances that focus with some fun.

Recently Brad had the honor of dining with Ted Turner, the founder of Turner Broadcasting and CNN who pioneered 24/7 news. Few would deny Ted’s impact on cable news.

"Breakthrough results are almost always blocked by false assumptions (including the false assumption that breakthrough results are rare)."–Brad Fallon, uQast Founder

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